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Charity shops are a great way to reuse and recycle unwanted items

By selling goods donated by the public, £290 million is raised for charity every year. A further use is being provided for many items that might otherwise have gone to landfill. We estimate 363,000 tonnes of clothing and other textiles pass through charity shops every year. Charity shops

Furniture and electrical goods

If you are looking for a furniture or electrical goods shop and there are no charity shops in your area that accept these items, you can also contact a member of the Furniture Reuse Network. The FRN promote reuse of unwanted furniture and household items for the alleviation of need, hardship, distress and poverty.

>> Find your nearest FRN members

Donating unusual items

Donating an unusual item, such as a bicycle, sewing machine, tools, spectacles etc?

>> Organisations that may accept your out-of-the-ordinary donations

Find out more...

>> Find out about donating to a charity shop
>> Find out how to volunteer in a charity shop
>> Find out who our members are by visiting our list of members



Updated: 28 November 2013