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As the UK continues its successful road to recovery we too are delighted to announce that we are also moving forward with the Charity Retail Awards 2021.

Nominations are now open for all 13 categories and we are waiting with great anticipation to hear all the wonderful stories about your teams and what you have achieved while facing these turbulent times.

These awards allow you time to reflect on achievements, contributions and those that have dug deep and inspired everyone around them. We want to help you recognise and celebrate the unique talent and the value that your teams bring to your organisation.

The nominations period is open from 1 June to Friday 9 July 2021.

Download a copy of our awards brochure to view the criteria for each award, as well as details for how to enter.

The nominations form is here on which to submit your entries.

If you’d like further information about our Charity Retail Awards this year please email Emma Good, Awards Project Manager, on or call us on 0300 030 1088.