Bag the Tag – Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice

‘Bag the Tag’ is a brand new campaign for Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, which stemmed from an idea by one of our shop managers. We have all been there, (or know somebody who has!) we buy new items of clothing, put them into our wardrobe, never wear them and find them with the tags still attached a year later.

But we never want to give the item of clothing away just in case we need it one day.

We decided to launch the Bag the Tag campaign to encourage people to give these items a new lease of life by donating them one of our charity shops. We wanted to launch in February to target people who may have carried out the above exercise during the January sales.

Campaign Promotion

Much of the promotion for this campaign will be channelled through social media which is reflected in the campaign materials that we have produced, including a logo, social media posts and website content. The designs and colours used in the promotional materials are different from those used in our usual social media posts, we are hoping the bright colours and different style will attract a different type of audience.

In addition to our standard social media posts, we will set up targeted social media advertisements aimed at different target audiences throughout the geographical area we cover in Cumbria.

Campaign Expectations

The primary aim of the campaign is to attract more good quality donations to our charity shops, especially if the items still have their tags attached. It is also a step change from our usual donation appeals, so we are open-minded on expectations in terms of up response, but if the campaign is a success then it is something we would look at running at different stages throughout the year.

By running the campaign across our social media channels, we are hoping to engage with different target audiences away from our regular social media followers. Due to the nature of the campaign, we can be braver with our messaging which will attract a range of different donors and potential new supporters.

Guest article by Andrew Maddison, Marketing Manager, Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw