British Heart Foundation partner with Shopiago to power their online sales

British Heart Foundation, the UK’s largest charity retailer, have partnered with Shopiago to power their online operation. The partnership follows an extensive and successful trial period over lockdown – where the World of Books Group e-commerce software helped some of the charity’s 190 home stores continue to trade online during closure. Now, British Heart Foundation have officially signed up to the software to exclusively power their online sales operation at both warehouse and shop level.

The partnership is the latest in a long history of collaboration between World of Books Group and the British Heart Foundation. The Group, well-known in the sector for its book collection and recycling service, grew from a partnership with a single British Heart Foundation shop and now collects from over 4,000 UK charity shops. And it was a close relationship with the charity that triggered their move into reuse software for the charity sector – developing the bespoke COMS software for use at warehouse level, based on their own resale technology.

Since developing bespoke software for the British Heart Foundation, World of Books Group launched Shopiago in response to a sector wide need for an integrated full-service management tool for multiple online marketplaces that was designed to meet the specific needs of charity retailers.

Josh Bentham, Head of Charity Partnerships at World of Books Group said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with British Heart Foundation to help them overcome the challenges presented by retail closures. We’re delighted that British Heart Foundation have chosen to use the software and our services to power their impressive online sales operation.

Shopiago has been a labour of love for World of Books Group. We were founded on an ethos to support charities and help the planet through enabling more goods to be reused. Shopiago is the natural extension of all we do to support this vision – sharing elements of our own propriety tech to help charities raise vital funds through e-commerce and simplify their sales processes.”

Richard Pallier, Head of Online Retail at British Heart Foundation, said: “Working with Shopiago has been fantastic, especially throughout the lockdown period. The software has been easily adopted, simple to use and enabled us to raise vital income online whilst our shops have been closed, which will help fund our vital heart research. The learnings and progress we’ve made in 2020 sets a solid platform to grow and deliver our future online strategy.”

For more information on how Shopiago can help your charity simplify their online sale process across multiple online marketplaces, visit or email to book a no-obligation demonstration.