Call for a fourth panel member!

29/04/2022 07:47

Our panel session at the Charity Retail Conference 2022 is called Charity shops and fast fashion. The aim is to explore the relationship, pros and cons, between charity retail and (fast) fashion brands e.g. the most common activity being selling their excess stock.

The session will take place on the second day of Conference, 16 September at 9.20am, at Harrogate Convention Centre.

We have a panelist from Sustainable Fashion Week, a pro fast-fashion partnership panelist from outside of charity retail, and a sustainability-focused panelist that is a charity retailer.

We need one more – a panelist that is a charity retailer in a partnership with a fashion brand. The term ‘fast fashion’ is often subjective, with either some brands not classing themselves as ‘fast’ or the public not associating that brand with ‘fast’ – it’s a very big topic! And one that, we’re hearing, our sector wants to discuss.

The CRA and its members are a supportive bunch so this is not about singling out or dictating right and wrong – it’s about helping charity retail move forward and grow stronger.

Please contact Susan Meredith on if you would like to be on this panel which will be so beneficial in exploring this growing area of activity.

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