Camden Town Brewery partnered with TRAID to host a Pop-Up event

As part of their ’12-Pack Give Back’ initiative with UK Charity, TRAID, Camden Town Brewery hosted a Pop-up shop on Saturday 7th December featuring the ‘Camden Capsule Collection’ curated by TV presenter and thrifty shopper Laura Jackson.

The event saw over 50 members of the public attend, with 200kg of clothes donated on the day. The environmental impact of reusing and extending the life of these clothes is significant, with a carbon emissions (CO2e) saving of 1.9 tonnes and a water saving of 320,000 litres. Attendees were encouraged to donate pre-loved clothing in exchange for a pint. The event raised over £1,000 for TRAID and the Brewery hopes to continue to raise more with the ’12-Pack Give Back’ promotion over the next few weeks.

During a season of excessive gifting and clothes shopping, Camden’s ‘12-Pack Give Back’ is a quick and simple way to find a better home for your unworn and unwanted garments. Simply fill your empty 12-pack with your clothes to donate, and take to the post office where the pre-paid packages will go straight to TRAID. 

Jasper Cuppaidge, Founder of Camden Town Brewery, comments: “We’re so impressed and inspired with the work that TRAID do to reduce clothes waste in the UK, encouraging us all to become more sustainable and conscious about the way we shop. We’re really excited to collaborate on this project, promoting great beer and good will, for a great cause”

Extending the life cycle of your clothes, TRAID will re-use the donations with a number of sustainable solutions. Whether it be re-selling the re-usable items in one of TRAID’S 11 London charity shops, sending them to international textile companies, or recycling them as fabric for industrial cloth or car seat filling.