UPDATED: Cash Grants in Wales and Northern Ireland

The cash grant schemes announced in Wales and Northern Ireland are substantially less generous than similar schemes set up in England and Scotland.

In Wales, charity shops are excluded from the grant scheme for small retail units. This is because charity shops do not receive small business rate relief and the Welsh Government has stated that only businesses that are eligible for this relief can receive the £10,000 cash grants. We are lobbying the Welsh Government to remove this anomaly and our latest letter to them is available here.

The good news is that in Wales, charity retailers are entitled to cash grants of £25,000 per property for larger retail units.

UPDATE: WCVA are also supporting the call for charity shops to be eligible for the £10,000 business grants in wales. Read their letter here.

In Northern Ireland, we were very disappointed at the news yesterday that the retail grants of £25,000 will be limited to one per business rather than per property as elsewhere. It also appears possible that charity retailers will be excluded from receipt of the £10,000 cash grants for smaller retail units and we are seeking clarification on the point. Our letter to the Northern Ireland Executive is available here.