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High Value Jewellery

Spotting High Value Jewellery and What to do with it By Katie Jones   There are many headlines where old jewellery bought in a charity shop turned out to be very valuable than the original charity price tag so it’s …

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Recycling – from both sides of the fence

It was with a deep breath that I decided to write this blog on recycling within charity retailing; why, because as an ex-charity retailer of 30 years’ experience, and now a recycler, I have some, shall we say, honest views …

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November board meeting

A meeting of the CRA board was held on the 3rd November 2016 at the CRA offices, with CRA chair Ben Merrett presiding. Here is a digest of the items discussed: BOARD MATTERS Roy Clark (Barnardos), Jonathan Capewell (LOROS Enterprises) …

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Lots and lots of meetings

Sorry the blog has been quiet for a while. There’s been so much going on! Since I last posted, there have been meetings with corporate members: Recyclatex and Cybertill and meetings of our stock and recycling group, Northern regional members and …

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