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How to protect your charity shop from shoplifters

How to protect your charity shop from shoplifters What is the problem? Shoplifting costs the retail sector hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue each year, and managers, employees and volunteers in charity shops will not need reminding that …

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How to cut energy costs

Five ways to get to grips with energy costs Energy costs already make up a significant chunk of charity retailers’ expenditure, and with forecasts predicting future rises it makes sense to focus on how you can mitigate this added expense. …

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The Power of the Till

Hand in hand with the amazing growth of charity shops on the high street goes the amazing growth of need for volunteer help to make them successful – even viable. While you’re competing for donations and for sales, you’re also …

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Pop Up Shops

An insight into the ever growing world of events and pop-up shops surrounding the charity retail sector. Event me up The ever changing world we live in today affects all aspects of daily life. The charity retail sector is certainly …

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