Charity Connect: from eBay for Charity

eBay UK has announced an extensive package of financial support and training to help UK charity shops boost their sales online. Hear from eBay UK’s VP, Rob Hattrell, about how eBay’s supporting the charities most affected by declines in online revenue on its platform due to the Covid-19 crisis.

At eBay, we have continued to read with great concern the impact that Covid19 is having on the charity sector, both in terms of raising much needed funds and on delivering the increased need for the essential services that the charity sector in the UK provides.  We are delighted to be able to announce financial support of £1.7 million to 250 of our eBay charity retail partners who have seen a significant income drop since the pandemic hit.  

We are also announcing an ambitious training programme, Charity Connect.  Open to the entire sector, the programme is aimed at enabling charities with an existing ecommerce presence to optimise their digital fundraising offer and encouraging new charities to develop their own online fundraising through the platform. 

eBay has always been about levelling the playing field – making online buying and selling open and accessible to anyone no matter their background, financial power or geography.  Millions of people around the world already depend on eBay for their livelihoods and that includes thousands of charities who currently sell through our platform and raise much needed unrestricted funds.  We know how important these unrestricted funds are to enable charities to serve communities and to innovate.

Charity Connect will launch in July and will offer a range of training to help charities build an effective online presence through dedicated customer service, onboarding assistance, promotional support and a tailored eBay training programme.

It has been said so many times over the last few months that Covid19 is going to change the world in so many ways. The way we work and live is changing rapidly and without consistent and focused action the gap between those with the power to participate, and those that don’t, will continue to grow.  Social and economic inclusion must be at the heart of the rebuilding job after Covid19 and all the incredible work that our charity sector does across the UK is essential in providing the support and driving the systemic changes that we all want to see.

Charity Connect will begin next month with a series of free weekly webinars for new and existing charity sellers. Follow up 1:1 sessions with e-commerce experts will also be available. Training will begin from Tuesday 7th July and charities can book for free by signing up here.