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Charity Retail Association 2018 Research Programme

Our 2018 research programme is now available to download. You can also access in the research webpage in the members section of our website.

In 2018, we will continue to develop the content of our Quarterly Market Analysis (QMA); which provide you data on income growth, average shop income, transaction value/number, Gift Aid conversion, footfall, performance of commercial retailing, and more!

Our quarterly Rag Price reports now also look at how much our members are being paid by merchants for books and bric-a-brac.

If you want to know about the average weekly income by type of donated goods and the composition of donated goods sales in general shops, our biannual Breakdown of Donated Goods reports will be a useful read.

A report on Shop Security is planned for March, covering the overall level of charity retail crime (theft, criminal damage, fraud), expenditure on security/crime prevention methods, and incident reporting mechanisms. Often mentioned in the media, many charity shops face related issues, so we would like to find out more about the impact that this has on the sector. I am currently designing this questionnaire so please do get in touch with me with suggestions for content; your input is a great help and much appreciated!

We will produce a report on Online Selling in November. One of the fastest growth areas for shops’ income is online and we are aware that this topic is of growing interest within membership; so if there is any data that will be particularly useful for your charity, please do let me know – your ideas for content are very welcome!

We will also keep reporting key statistics on the workforce, but we will not produce a full report about it in 2018. For this purpose, the QMA Q2 2018 survey will include a brief section to ask about your staff/volunteer numbers, volunteer hours and diversity of staff/volunteers.

We are delighted to sponsor the annual Charity Shops Survey again next year; which provides essential benchmarking information and analysis of key charity retail trends and performance figures.

Last but not least, members with 21 or more shops can also take part in the weekly and monthly Charity Retail Sales Trackers produced by BDO in association with us. Visit our research webpage to find out more.

I hope you find our research programme interesting and useful; and look forward to working with you in 2018.

Olaia Alamos Castresana
Research Analyst

The Charity Retail Association’s QMA and specialist Shop Security, Online Selling and Workforce reports for 2018 have been generously sponsored by:

Committed to caring, ready to listen, eager to learn – we see procurement from Your side of the table!

Acopia are proud sponsors of the Charity Retail Association, dedicated to the growth of the charity retail sector and delighted to be supporting the Research Programme.

We are passionate about helping to enable the Charity Retail Association to carry out this crucial research which provides a litmus test and snap shot on the state of health of the charity retail sector.

Reporting on trends and recent developments allows us to understand the areas of most need and helps us to tailor our support more effectively, making positive impacts with the charities we work with.

In the fifth year of our support for the Charity Retail Association and working with over 90 charities, we are specialists in Goods Not For Resale and providing bespoke support is our strength. We understand the challenges faced in this sector as we have experience of providing retail consumables, shop fittings and providing turn-key solutions for fit-out for over 20 years.

Our clients tell us that we always deliver a return on investment and our finished shop fits have even encouraged new volunteers in-store.