Charity Retail Association achieves 400 members

We are delighted to announce that, not only have we achieved a record number of members in a 12 month membership year period, but we have reached the magic 400! Our increasing annual figures not only benefit the sector as a whole, allowing our guidance and resources to be spread more widely, but gives more weight to our lobbying and PR activity when working to establish the best charity retail trading environment possible.

The 400th member was East Belfast Mission – so a big thank you to them, and here’s a bit about their retail arm, Restore:

“Restore has close partnerships with councils in Belfast, Larne, North Down, Craigavon, Banbridge and Antrim. Working with the councils to reduce goods sent to landfill, Restore has a van dedicated to collecting bulky waste from recycling centres at various locations. If the items are in good enough quality for immediate resale they are taken directly to the Restore shops to be sold. Alternatively, they are taken to refurb for a “make–over” and are then sold through Restore. This partnership means that as a social economy project Restore can work towards achieving their environmental goals.”

We would also like to thank Wil-U, who sponsored our latest membership recruitment campaign.

And the biggest thanks goes to all of our members. Your participation in the Association’s activities, sharing of knowledge in our various forums, and all the amazing work you do in the retail, social value, environmental and sustainable fashion space makes this one of the best sectors to be working in.