We respond to ASDA selling second-hand clothing

30/04/2021 13:43

The Charity Retail Association (CRA) has responded to the recent announcement by supermarket chain ASDA that it is moving into the second-hand clothing market via its George brand.

Chief Executive of the CRA, Robin Osterley, said:

“Any move that increases awareness of the need to make clothing more sustainable and last longer is all right by us, as is any move that helps drive down textile waste. And of course it’s great that ASDA appears to be moving away from its fast-fashion orientated direction of travel.

Of course, shopping in a charity shop is a very different experience to shopping in a supermarket – the personal interaction, the variety on offer, the excitement of finding a fantastic bargain from donated goods and the knowledge that your hard-earned pounds are being spent on a good cause are amongst the many things that make charity shopping unique.

There is plenty of second-clothing to go round and we wish ASDA all the best in their new venture. Charity shop trading has been fantastic since shops reopened in England and Wales on April 12th and in Scotland on 26th April and we are so grateful to the public for their ongoing support of this great British institution.”