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Charity Sector Round Table

On Monday, I was one of seven attendees at the Charity Sector Round Table hosted by the new Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Robert Jenrick MP, who has ministerial responsibility for charity taxation and Gift Aid at HM Treasury. It was a lively and informative session in which the Minister seemed very keen to support charities in their endeavours to cut red tape and maximise income for their charitable causes.

In particular I raised the issue of Retail Gift Aid de minimis (read our blog on this topic) and thanked the Minister for his written answer to a written parliamentary question tabled by Anneliese Dodds MP – his equivalent shadow minister from the opposition – following a recent meeting we held with her.

Both the Minister and the HMRC official were keen to assure me that the issue was under consideration – and will be discussed at our forthcoming meeting on 9 April.

An interesting point was that the Minister was keen to close the gap of some £600m in the take-up of Gift Aid (as identified in a recent HMRC report) and that introducing a de minimis on Retail Gift Aid might go some way towards closing that gap by encouraging more shops to claim.

Other issues discussed at the Round Table included Charity VAT, business rate relief for charities, and the relationship between health charities and government funding. All in all, a very useful session and encouraging from our point of view.

Robin Osterley
CEO, Charity Retail Association