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Charity shop profits up

The average retail income generated by charity shops taking part in the Charity Shops Survey 2019 increased by 5.1% compared to the same survey the previous year. These figures were included in the Charity Shops Survey 2019 published last week. In addition to a growth in income, the report also highlighted a growth in profits. This is the second consecutive year in which charity shop profits have grown. The previous year saw a return to growth in profits which was a welcome turnaround after a fall in profits over the previous two years.

The 2019 survey reported that the average weekly profit for a regular charity store was £554 a week. The weekly profit at charity retail superstores was £1,604. Key drivers in the growth of profits were increasing in gift aided donations and online sales.

The total number of charity shops remained steady during the year. There continues to be investment in new specialist stores and out of town stores.

The Charity Shops Survey 2019 can be ordered online from Civil Society.