Charity shopping online – Freddy’s blog – Week 5


The beginning of this week saw me continuing last weeks’ correspondence with a number of lifestyle blogs and finalising the publication of an article therein.

I was also given access to the CRA’s twitter account for the first time in the hopes of increasing social media engagement and driving more attention towards the Find a charity e-shop page. While I have steadily been producing a number of social media graphics over the last few weeks, this was the first time I was actually given access to an account, and I believe it went quite well as many of my posts generated decent positive engagement in likes and retweets. Did you catch any of the activity – follow the CRA on Twitter here.

This week also saw me complete my research, began last week, into possible alternative online selling platforms for St Elizabeth’s Centre. I have extensive notes on dozens of different online marketplaces, looking at their average user figures, their seller fees and, of course, which items are best to be listed on each platform. As part of this, I managed to organise a quick meeting with the e-commerce business development manager for Cancer Research UK who was able to provide an invaluable insight into the challenges they had faced with the move online and how they had overcome these challenges. This helped me answer the final few questions my research had raised and left me in a great position to help St Elizabeth’s going forward.

On top of this, this week also saw me returning to one of St Elizabeth’s charity shops as I had another opportunity to volunteer for a shift. I got to the shop as it opened and, as with last time, I soon started work on the till before being moved to the back to help sort donations. As before, volunteering at a charity shop really was an enjoyable and eye-opening experience. The shop soon packed after opening and I was certainly kept busy. By the end of the day, it felt as though I had only been there ten minutes!

Already, the fifth week of my internship is now over, and so only one (!!!) week remains. While I do have work I will be adding finishing touches to, next week will be largely dedicated to my post-project write up and reflections, as well as the creation of a hand-over document so someone else will be able to pick up where I’ve left off. Truthfully my internship here with the CRA really is all but over. While I imagine my last blog post will largely be reflective, I will just add here that I really have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the last few weeks and the insight it has provided me into the charity sector, a sector I had certainly not thought much about prior. Now all that is left is the final home stretch.