#CharityShopVolunteer Part 1: 10 reasons to volunteer

05/05/2022 15:52

#CharityShopVolunteer is our new social media campaign for May and June. In the run up to Volunteers Week, throughout May we will be posting ’10 reasons to volunteer’ to get the public thinking about all the benefits charity shop volunteering has to offer – many they may not have even thought of.

Volunteers Week itself is all around thanking our amazing volunteers – and that will be Part 2 of the #CharityShopVolunteer campaign, which we shall share later this month.

Please do take part, download, like, tag, follow and share.

Just click on the caption links at the bottom of each image below to download. Below the images is some suggested text.

Be a sustainable fashion champion: By volunteering in a charity shop you are making a statement for a better and more sustainable retail experience. Reuse is so important for the future of the planet and you could get involved in your chosen charity’s promotion of the environmental benefits of charity shopping.

Get creative: Do you have a flair for design? Are you into interiors, arranging and curating interior style? Do you have an eye for aesthetics or an interest in photography? Use your interests and skills in charity shops. Impactful high street windows, styling mannequins, curating homeware shelves and eyecatching online sales imagery are fun to create and always helpful at charity shops.

Get fit!: Charity shops can be busy places, with public facing shop floor tasks and essential backroom roles that you only really get in charity shops. If you’re looking to get fit or even just increase your step count, charity shop volunteering could be for you. Tasks you could be completing include arm workouts (filling rails and shelves, steaming), quad workouts (lifting and moving stock) and cardio (keeping the shop floor clean and tidy). Who needs the gym?!

Help great causes: Do you want to make a difference in your local community? Whether healthcare, human rights, children, animals, or other great causes – they are all out there for you to donate the precious gift of your time to – and they will be so grateful. It’s easy – just walk in and ask or have a look on their website.

Learn new skills: The list is extensive! Till operation, selling online, visual merchandising, customer service, sales, pricing, sorting, health and safety, teamwork, confidence, social media. There are so many opportunities that will benefit you and others.

Make new friends: Being part of a volunteer team is a special thing, united by a common cause and bringing different backgrounds and skills into the mix. You are sure to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life.

Try something different: Charity shops are no ordinary shops. They attract members of the public looking for something different and with their own sense of style. There are rails and shelves of unique items. Every charity has its own unique cause and way of promoting that cause. No one experience will be the same. Jump out of your comfort zone or just immerse yourself gently into a new team. Enjoy and learn from a new experience.

Use your influence: Charity shops often have their own social media accounts and often need volunteer support to help take photos and create content. In addition, you could volunteer to help a local charity set up new social media accounts. Ask in store or have a look on your chosen charity’s website to see what is available.

You have the time!: And you didn’t know it. Increasingly, charity shop volunteering opportunities are flexible ways to use your spare time. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment and all time that people can donate is really welcome. Micro-volunteering is a thing! Simply enquire with your chosen charity or shops, in person or online, to see what is available.

Build your CV: Charity shop roles can give you a firm grounding in many areas that the world of work is looking for – customer service, teamwork, responsibility, health & safety, creativity, problem solving, inclusivity and sustainability awareness, for instance! Putting your self out there to help a cause, the community and the environment speaks volumes.