Christmas boost for charity retail

With Christmas just 50 days away people’s thoughts are already turning towards shopping for presents. This represents a real opportunity for charity shops to draw in new customers. Consumer polling conducted by You Gov earlier this year indicated that 54 per cent of people shop in charity shops. This is an impressive proportion of the population, but our challenge is to increase it yet further and to encourage existing customers to shop more often.

In the run up to Christmas, we will be highlighting the key benefits of buying Christmas presents from charity shops:

  • The sheer diversity of potential gifts available retail means there is an ideal gift for everyone
  • It is a great way to raise money for good causes both in the UK and abroad
  • It helps the environment by reducing the number of new items that need to be manufactured at great cost to the environment and then shipped around the world

As one way of trying to attract new people into charity shops we are again running our Secret Santa promotion: Good Cause Santa Claus. People taking part in a Secret Santa will each buy a gift for one other person. The gift buying is organised so that everyone taking part buys one gift and receives one gift. There is usually an upper limit on the amount that can be spent per gift of £5 or £10. Charity shops are the ideal place for people to by their Secret Santa gifts. Books, clothing accessories and music are all items that make great gifts for Secret Santa.

We have produced a set of resources which members can use to promote the idea of buying Secret Santa gifts in local charity shops. These resources are available here:

Jonathan Mail
Head of Public Affairs
Charity Retail Association