When booking opens you will be asked to choose your focus sessions from the list below – one from each time slot A, B, C and D.


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Focus session A: Thursday 15 September, 11:55-12:50

Impact on:

Topic (title TBC)


A1: The public

Putting the customer at the heart of your retail offer

Daniel Holloway, Director of Retail and Polly Balsom, Head of Marketing & Communications, Royal Trinity Hospice

A2: Ecommerce

eBay beginners

eBay for Charity

A3: Your people

Diversity and inclusion

Lucy Straker, Charity So Straight

A4: Sustainability

Insights from a high street brand

A5: High streets

The impact of consumer behaviour changes on the high street

Gary Smith, Location Planning Consultant and Paul Langston, Associate Partner for Location Analytics, CACI

A6: Strategy

Charity retail’s place in emergency situations

Marcus Bowen, Capability Development Lead, Voluntary and Community Sector Emergency Partnership

A7: Profit

Gift Aid

Donna Walker, HMRC

A8: Your people

Workforce Law – staff and volunteers


Focus session B: Thursday 15 September, 14:05-15:00

Impact on:

Topic (title TBC)


B1: The public

Working with influencers

Charlie Enright, Barnardo’s

B2: Ecommerce

eBay experienced

eBay for Charity

B3: Your people

Reducing the impact of safeguarding on charity retail staff

Scott Berney, Head of Safeguarding, British Heart Foundation

B4: Strategy

Strategic planning (larger chains)

Lorna Fallon, Retail Director, Oxfam GB

B5: High streets

Alternative formats: Superstores

Caroline Peach, Head of Retail, St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire and Jo Mewett, Head of Retail, Cancer Research UK

B6: Strategy

Strategic planning (smaller chains)

Robin Osterley, CEO, Charity Retail Association

B7: Your people

Workforce development through coaching

Dan O’Driscoll, Executive Coach and Consultant, Engagement Consultancy

B8: Profit

Loop Wardrobe

Jack Ostrowski, Founder & CEO, Yellow Octopus

B9: Sustainability

Vehicle fleets


Focus session C: Thursday 15 September, 16:15-17:10

Impact on:

Topic (title TBC)


C1: The public

Sector reputation: TRUST

A TRUST representative or accredited company

C2: Ecommerce



C3: Your people

Team mental health and wellbeing

Kate Wootton, The Ripple Concept

C4: Sustainability

Sales data and technology

Glen Hall, Head of Retail & Trading, Mencap and Eproductive

C5: High streets

Alternative formats: F&E logistics


C6: Strategy


Barry Moles, Managing Director, Skyline Business Solutions and Lesley Cross, Head of Retail, Cats Protection

C7: Profit

The Charity Shop Gift Card

The Charity Shop Gift Card

C8: High streets


Maria Chenoweth & Wayne Hemingway MBE, Hemingway Design

Focus session D: Friday 16 September, 11:20-12:15

Impact on:

Topic (title TBC)


D1: The public

Social prescribing

Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Head of Accelerating Innovation Programme, National Academy of Social Prescribing

D2: Ecommerce



D3: Your people

A strong volunteer pathway

Sarah Boardman, Retail Volunteering Operations Manager, British Heart Foundation

D4: Sustainability

Alternative formats: Craft store

Tony Stephenson, Executive Lead, Emmaus Bolton and Damien Wilton, Emmaus Bolton volunteer and Great British Sewing Bee contestant 2021

D5: High streets

Alternative formats: Pop ups with impact

Jayne Cartwright, Director, The Charity Retail Consultancy

D6: Strategy

Textiles 2030

Heather Portbury, WRAP

D7: Profit



D8: High streets


White Rose