Councils and charity shops

In a world of constrained public finances and devolved decisions, the relationship a charity shop has with its local council is becoming increasingly important. The decisions a council makes can determine how much you spend to dispose of your waste, how much business rates you pay and how easy it is for you to generate stock.

We want to support our members to have the best possible relationship with their councils, wherever they are based. With this in mind we have a new page on our members-only site dedicated to “Councils and Charity Shops”. This includes unique research, generated through an FOI survey of all councils in 2017, about the way certain types of council related to local shops, as well as detailed campaign packs for members to use to influence their councils in a positive way.

One of our members who used this campaign pack said:

“As a small charity it is vital to be heard when we need cooperation from other organisations.

We receive a large quantity of unsalable household waste, which is a massive cost to a small charity. The cost of disposal had doubled over the last four years. On the charity Retail Association website I found a campaign pack and used it to contact our councillors.

We now have weekly access to local HWRC sites, the parish council have turned their CCTV cameras around to face the frontage of our shop, a conversation is underway with the police regarding prosecutions for fly tipping, and the district council have offered to distribute for free our donations poster.”

Matt Kelcher
Head of Public Affairs and Research
Charity Retail Association