Covid-19 Secure Assurance Audits

Guest Blog by Pete Thomas, Head of Audit & Compliance at Lodge Service UK

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, times have been daunting and extremely demanding to ensure appropriate processes and procedures have been put in place. Changes have affected not only social distancing but for how charities are going to cope with customer interactions and infection control.

The changes made by this pandemic have affected, not only business processes, but the morale of staff and customers. The changes have meant that charities have had to reflect on how their businesses are set up, meaning new measures and bespoke plans have been incorporated to keep people safe. These measures have been strict and rapid in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

How do you ensure you are maintaining the guidelines and processes put in place?

Our audit and risk management specialists are able to conduct bespoke ‘Covid-19 Secure Assurance Audits’ across the UK. These audits are specifically designed to provide clients with timely, relevant feedback in respect of compliance with the new ‘Covid-19 Secure’ legislation.

Lodge Service are responsive to customer needs and can adapt to suit each customer, advising any areas of concern in order to ensure shops stay compliant.

We provide:

  • Online audits and reporting
  • Customer flow management
  • Adherence to distancing protocols
  • Mandatory organisational signage
  • Point of sale operations
  • Stock and cash handling

It can be difficult to manage your outlets all at one time, but by using our Secure Assurance Audit we can collate all this information for you and report the outcomes and areas needed for improvement. Some of the information that could be obtained can answer questions such as: 

  • Are limits on the total number of people in store at any one time being correctly managed?
  • Are you able to maintain social distancing – keeping 2 metres apart?
  • Changing room closures – are all changing rooms secure and have the necessary notifications?
  • Do your shops have availability of hand sanitisers?
  • Do you tills have appropriate plastic guards?
  • Do staff encourage contactless and card payments?
  • How donations are accepted and processed?

For further information please contact Pete Thomas our Head of Audit & Compliance on 07770 635929 or