Dress Agency Shop Manager

Posted: November 9, 2021

Job Details

  • Wakefield Hospice
  • Shop Manager
  • Part Time
  • £19,400 pro-rata Up to 30 hours per week
  • Wakefield
  • 29/11/2021

Job Description


To effectively manage the day to day running of the Wakefield Hospice Dress Agency Shop with the aim of achieving optimum profit by maximising sales via merchandising and window dressing, and controlling direct shop expenses in line with Annual Budgets.  Assist in recruitment and retain a motivated team of volunteers.



  1. This document is a guideline to the general scope of duties involved and may be subject to review.
  2. In addition to amendments requested by the hospice, suggested changes to the content of this document which could improve the job description would be welcome from the post holder.
  3. The post holder will have a duty to be aware of and adhere to all the rules and regulations of professional governing bodies and any particular Acts of Parliament or other statutory requirements, which may change from time to time.
  4. The post holder may have access to information which is strictly confidential. It is a condition of employment that under no circumstances will such information be discussed or shared with unauthorised person or persons.
  5. The hours of work will be organised according to a department rota system. Weekends and bank holidays will be part of the normal working week. The post holder is required to work additional hours as necessary to fulfil their duties to the satisfaction of the Hospice.


Administration and Security

  1. To be ultimately responsible for cash handling, banking and associated administration (ensuring that all till operations are carried out in accordance with Wakefield Hospice’s policies and procedures).
  2. Reporting to the Area Retail Manager on a daily/weekly basis.
  3. Ensure that the shop’s opening hours are maintained.
  4. Being responsible for donations received on behalf of Wakefield Hospice (ensuring monies and receipts are issued in accordance with Wakefield Hospice policies and procedures).
  5. Organise regular shop meetings, reporting results/actions to staff, volunteers and Area Retail Manager.
  6. Attend regular shops/warehouse meetings.
  7. Making available all records and transactions and copy receipts for the inspection of the Area Retail Manager.
  8. Ensuring that no monies or goods belonging to Wakefield Hospice are taken from the shops or warehouse without authorisation from the Director of Fundraising and the Area Retail Manager.
  9. Reporting any defects or hazards in the premises to the Area Retail Manager/Director of Fundraising.
  10. To ensure all relevant administration is completed on time and to a standard that meets the requirements for whom this work is produced.
  11. To provide excellent customer care through quality of service, dealing with complaints both efficiently and effectively, and having a working knowledge of the Wakefield Hospice.
  12. To be responsible for the keys to the shop, inform the Area Retail Manager of key holders’ names and ensure that the shop premises are secure whenever they are left unattended.
  13. To notify the Area Retail Manager in the event of suspected theft or dishonesty by any member of staff/volunteer.
  14. To ensure all staff and volunteers lock all purses and valuables in a locker.


Staff and Volunteers

  1. To recruit, support and retain volunteers by providing guidance, support, training and motivation necessary to secure their competence and commitment.
  2. To keep the shop adequately staffed at all times in order to maintain the level of service expected by Wakefield Hospice.
  3. To create a happy working environment to enhance the working experience for staff and volunteers.
  4. To ensure that all Wakefield Hospice policies and procedures are adhered to by all staff and volunteers.


Health and Safety

  1. To provide a safe environment that protects all staff, volunteers and the public.
  2. To comply with all Health and Safety regulations as per Wakefield Hospice’s Health and Safety Policies.
  3. Being responsible for completing monthly risk assessments and specific risk assessments.



  1. To achieve profit targets by maximising sales and minimising costs.
  2. To ensure the high standard of service to customers that is expected by Wakefield Hospice is maintained at all times.
  3. To actively support any fundraising promotions as directed by the Director of Fundraising/Fundraising Manager or the Area Retail Manager.


Shop Appearance

  1. To maintain a good standard of housekeeping, organisation and cleanliness throughout the shop premises which creates an environment that is both pleasant and safe for customers, shop staff and volunteers.
  2. To maintain a high standard of presentation, both in the windows and the interior of the shop.
  3. Window displays to be changed on a weekly basis to promote sales and to provide awareness of the Hospice.
  4. To understand and be aware of current trends within the retail industry e.g., major multiples (M&S, Bhs), other charity shops both local and national and report back to monthly meetings.
  5. To promote the awareness of Wakefield Hospice and its fundraising activities.


  1. To actively encourage the public to donate saleable stock?
  2. Accepting new merchandise/donated goods from the warehouse and/or other outside bodies.
  3. To ensure the shop density is kept full by ensuring there is adequate stock available at all times.
  4. To price stock at a consistent level in accordance with Wakefield Hospice’s price guides.
  5. To rotate stock on a daily basis so that no garment remains on the shop floor for any longer than the agreed time limits.
  6. Completion of year-end stock take and monitoring stock control of new merchandise with Area Retail Manager.


Other Duties and Conditions of Service

  1. In the interests of operational efficiency, the post holder may be required to work at different shop locations as detailed in the Employee Handbook.
  2. Undertaking any other duties which may be requested in the interest of Wakefield Hospice.




E = Essential – D = Desirable

Work Experience Retail experience – minimum of 2 years E Application form / interview
Management experience in retail or charity sectors E Application form / interview
Management of a Dress Agency or boutique D Application form / interview
Health and safety experience E Application form / interview
Experience of working in the voluntary sector or with volunteers D Application form / interview
Skills Ability to form good working relationships with other managers, staff at all levels and volunteers E Application form / interview
Ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of retail, with a knowledge of the latest innovations and ideas you have initiated E Application form / interview
Leadership skills E Application form / interview
Ability to think strategically and plan effectively E Application form / interview
Merchandising / window dressing E Application form / interview
Self-motivated and ability to motivate others E Interview
Must be target orientated E Application form / interview
Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure E Application form / interview
Problem solver E Interview
Ability to work with flexibility E Interview
Ability to work effectively as a team member E Application form / interview
Personal Characteristics Sympathy with the aims and objectives of Wakefield Hospice E Application form / interview
Car owner D Application form / interview
Lively, enthusiastic, naturally positive and self-reliant. E Interview


Additional Information

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