CRA lobbies Scottish Government to allow early opening of charity shops

We have written to the Scottish Government, following the announcement that non-essential retailers in Scotland are unlikely to be allowed to re-open until the 26th of April. Our letter calls for charity shops to be included in the extended list of retailers who will be able to open from the 5th of April.

From the 5th of April all click and collect can restart and the following retailers will be added to the list of retailers able to reopen:

  • garden centres (indoor and outdoor)
  • key cutting shops
  • mobility equipment shops
  • baby equipment shops
  • electrical repair shops
  • hairdressers and barbers (with shopfronts – not mobile services), by appointment only
  • homeware shops
  • vehicle showrooms (appointment only) and forecourts

We are calling for charity shops to be added to the above list to reflect the fact that they offer a unique contribution in raising money for charities, enabling reuse and making good quality preloved items accessible to those on lower incomes.

You can find our letter here.