Houses of Parliament

DEFRA Resources and Waste Strategy

On Friday 7 June I travelled to the headquarters of DEFRA in Smith Square, Westminster to formally join their Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) on the Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS). Membership of the SAG was limited to just 20 organisations, despite many others expressing an interest, which demonstrates the reputation we have built within the halls of power.

As an influential voice in the charity retail sector, we are often invited to participate in working groups and consultation bodies by the government.  We have expertise on charity retail which no other organisation has, and we’re happy to share this with policy makers to ensure that new initiatives reflect the needs of our members.

The RWS was published on 18 December 2018 and contains approximately 100 commitments to improve reuse and recycling in the UK.  Many are due to be delivered in 2019/2020 with a long term plan up to 2050.

These include work around a deposit return scheme, consistency in waste collection and producer packaging.  Regular readers of this blog will know that these are all areas where we have made our views very clear to the government, visit the dedicated consultation responses page on our members site to see exactly what we said.

The purpose of the SAG to provide a more strategic approach to stakeholder engagement, and become a formalised mechanism for stakeholders to influence and contribute to delivery of the RWS.  We are likely to meet every other month to scrutinise implementation of the Strategy, with sub groups also set up to more closely analyse specific commitments.

We will continue to report back to our members through this website and Charity Retail News.

Matt Kelcher
Head of Public Affairs and Research

Charity Retail Association