Discover the security features on the new £20 note

Anyone who regularly handles cash should ensure they know what to expect from the new £20 note coming out on 20 February and how to spot a counterfeit.

The paper £20 note is the most commonly counterfeited banknote but the new polymer £20 note will make it far more difficult for the counterfeiters to produce fake notes.

It pays to be vigilant, as counterfeit notes are worthless and cost your charity money.

You can check the new £20 polymer note by focussing on these two key security features to help confirm that your notes are genuine…

In addition, other key security features on the new £20 include:

Please take a good look at the new £20 note as soon as you can after 20 February and run through the security features with your staff and volunteers to ensure that they are all familiar with them.

These security features are also shown here in our short film:

And you can read much more about the new note and order/download free materials on the Bank’s website at the new £20

Guest blog written by the Bank of England. The Charity Retail Association is a Strategic Partner to the Bank’s Banknote Checking Scheme.