Workshop overview

We ran our first Dismantling racism workshop on 24 February where we explored the topic of racism with CRA’s EDI Consultant, Rebecca Armstrong from Sparkle. This is an important global conversation happening right now. The workshop allowed participants to reflect and consider how this applies to charity retail so that they could take steps to make positive changes in their own operations. The workshop covered:

  • What we mean by racism and how it shows up in organisations. This will include considering systemic racism as well as direct and indirect racial discrimination
  • Your legal and moral obligations in dismantling, tackling and preventing racist behaviour
  • Bias and how this can impact us (including personal bias, organisational bias and transgenerational bias)
  • How to move towards a consciously inclusive approach, including how to take appropriate action

Diversity and inclusion

We encourage attendance from members from ethnic minority communities as these groups are underrepresented in our sector and we are working to include their viewpoints in all our events.

We welcome all voices, whether spoken, issued prior to meetings, or during meetings electronically.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding this or any of our events please get in touch with Julia Edwards, Head of Outreach, on or telephone 0300 030 1088.