eBay UK Announce Support

Last week, CRA corporate member eBay UK announced a package of financial support and training to charities which includes unrestricted grants to the 250 charities most affected by declines in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those charities eligible for a grant were contacted by email by eBay’s UK Vice President, Rob Hattrell yesterday.

Alongside this, the online platform has launched a training programme to support the development of e-commerce skills to the charity sector as a whole and is available to all charities. This programme will start with free webinars called ‘Kickstarter training’, and for more information on how to book onto a session you can visit this link.

eBay UK’s VP, Rob Hattrell, says:

At eBay, we have continued to read with great concern the impact that Covid19 is having on the charity sector, both in terms of raising much needed funds and on delivering the increased need for the essential services that the charity sector in the UK provides.  We are delighted to be able to announce financial support of £1.7 million to 250 of our eBay charity retail partners who have seen a significant income drop since the pandemic hit.

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