Think again: Equity, diversity and inclusion

Blog post by Charity Retail Learning, 29/09/2021

If you haven’t taken sufficient steps on your EDI journey yet, maybe because you’re too busy, maybe because you think “we know all about it”, maybe because you think it doesn’t make a difference – think again.

  • The CRA EDI awards didn’t receive sufficient nominations to create a shortlist.
  • The CRA Workforce survey 2020 showed just 3.2% of respondents identifying as black, Asian, multiple/mixed or other ethnic background across all roles in the sector, compared to around 16% of the population
  • In the same survey, only 1% of Top Level Managers (e.g. Head or Director of Retail) identified as Asian, Black, Mixed or any other ethnic background
  • Our blog from 2020 talks about how our sector needs to work harder and do better.

Teams working in charity shops face unique challenges in dealing with racism and other forms of discrimination.

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion webinar on 12 November addresses these challenges and will help you and your teams have a better understanding of the issues, their own and others’ unconscious bias.

It will help the teams understand how to create and maintain an inclusive workplace and provide ways to challenge non-inclusive behaviour & language.

We hope to see you there.

Link: Equity, diversity & inclusion for charity retailers – 12.11.21 – Charity Retail Learning