Essex & Herts Air Ambulance celebrated the opening of their new store in Colchester this week

The new store focuses on higher-end stock, selling donated clothing labels to take advantage of footfall from the nearby Essex University and Colchester Institute. It is a slight departure from EHAAT’s usual interior design, shifting from their typical sky blue walls to a chic-light grey complemented by rail displays with images and quotes of the charity’s work painted directly onto the walls. The store aims to more closely link sales with helping the charity in the minds of shoppers, adding labels to clothing to directly show what purchases can help fund.

Donna Lee, EHAAT’s Head of Retail said: “We are really excited to be opening our newest fundraising shop in Colchester. Our shops play a vital part in raising the £750,000 the charity needs each month to remain operational and saving lives. We hope that the merchandise we have selected will particularly appeal to Colchester’s fashion-conscious student population. We’ve got something for every taste!”