Charity Shop

Explaining the social value of charity shops

Everyone who works in our sector knows that charity shops contribute a huge amount of social value back into the community. This includes boosting recycling and re-use, providing volunteer opportunities and creating sustainable local jobs. However, our members have told us that it’s not always easy to explain these benefits in a simple and straightforward manner. 

This is why we have produced two animations which work in tandem to make the case you our audiences. These can both be found on our dedicated animations page in the members’ area of this website

The first, includes lots of important facts and figures derived from the report we commissioned the independent think tank Demos to produce in 2017: Shopping for Good. This includes a statistical summary of who is most likely to shop, volunteer or donate, how much waste the sector keeps out of landfill each year. For those who don’t have time to read the full report, or are interested in the cumulative impact of the sector, it’s the perfect introduction.

But we also know that some people find statistics and numbers to be quite dry and academic. Therefore, the second video on this page – When The Charity Shop Came To Town – instead uses stories and individual experiences to highlight charity retail’s positive social value.

We use these animations to make our case to influential audiences including MPs and Lords.  But they are a resources for all of our members – if you’d ever like to use them when explaining the good our sector does, please go ahead!

Matt Kelcher
Head of Public Affairs and Research
Charity Retail Association