Financial health with Retail Trust

01/07/2022 12:10

Retail Trust have been focusing on financial health in recent months due to the cost of living crisis. If this resonates with you, please remember that CRA members have free access to Retail Trust’s online resources (not the telephone helpline), where you can make your own confidential profile and access all of their expert advice for any area of your wellbeing.

This access includes retail team staff members and volunteers from any charity that is a member of the Charity Retail Association.

HANDY TIP: If you are from a smaller retail chain with no official wellbeing resource – why not use this as your wellbeing provision to staff and volunteers.

Here are some financial health resources from Retail Trust, which you will need to create a profile to view – but remember this is free for CRA members and is completely confidential:

– The importance of financial wellbeing
– The twelve ways of achieving financial wellness
– How do I know if I need debt advice
– 7 days, 7 ways to take control of your finances

>> Read more about our partnership with Retail Trust here, and about creating your profile on Retail Trust’s wellbeing platform


The Charity Retail Association’s wellbeing activity is sponsored by Cybertill