Find out what’s trending in secondhand fashion with Depop

23/11/2021 14:32

Guest blog by Depop

Did you know that balaclavas, cargo pants and puffa jackets are currently trending for young people on Depop? And that 80% of Gen Z get their fashion inspiration from social media?

Depop is the secondhand platform for young people passionate about unique, one-of-a-kind finds and more sustainable fashion. Charities selling on Depop can reach a highly engaged community of 30m registered users, with the vast majority under the age of 26. 

And now, charities with a Depop account can benefit from Depop’s newly launched Charity Seller Programme, which provides tailored support, insights and exclusive offers to help them maximise sales and find out what’s trending among a younger audience. 

The programme welcomes local and national charities and offers support in the form of:

  • Regular updates on the most popular brands, styles, and items on Depop and among the Gen Z audience, so you know what buyers are looking for
  • Access to an online community of listings experts and other charity sellers, who can help support your shop as it grows – through tips, advice and Q&A
  • Special opportunities for charity sellers to complete listing challenges and earn incentives or free fee periods
  • The opportunity to participate in regular ‘drops’ from charity sellers, promoted to Depop users
  • Tutorials and guides to introduce best practices for success

Charities looking to register a new Depop shop can sign up to the programme here or contact the team as to connect with a member of the team.

Gemma Cruttenden, Retail E-Commerce and Communications Manager at Demelza Hospice, says: “Having started our Depop store during the first Covid-19 lockdown to carry on raising funds while our high street stores were closed, we were quickly accepted on to the Top Seller programme, which has been invaluable. The advice from our Accounts Manager, along with the support from the Depop community, has helped us refine our Depop store into a solid brand and consistent income for Demelza Hospice.”