Find a Shop – to VOLUNTEER

The Find a charity shop page is by far the most popular on our website, averaging 5000 unique page views per month. Only CRA Members can place their shops on it.

We want to extend this searchable database of shops to signpost viewers to our members’ volunteering opportunities.

Work is underway at the moment to establish the following:

On this page there will be a link ‘Volunteer here’ on the line after the charity shop addresses (for charities that wish to take part). This link is for the charity’s (retail) volunteering page.

When a shop itself is selected it goes through to this screen which will have two prominent links after the charity header in blue:

  • one pointing again to the charity’s volunteering web page
  • another pointing to a PDF that you can provide if you wish, giving brief volunteer role descriptions that feature in your shops (again, this is one document for the whole retail operation and so only needs to be entered once and will display whichever shop is selected)

In this simple way we hope to signpost more potential volunteers to our members’ shops.

Action for CRA Members:

If you would like your shops to be linked to your volunteering information on our website please send to Susan Meredith (

  1. The link to the page on your website that details volunteering opportunities (or your most appropriate web page in the absence of this)
  2. Now, or at a later date, a Word document of role descriptions, if you have one, or create one if you wish
  3. For this to work your shops need to be on ‘Find a charity shop’. Email Susan if you don’t know how to do this.

The search facility will also be promoted more widely as our activities around volunteering escalate during the year.