Gift Aid and Charity Shops

Gift Aid Awareness 2023

5 October is Gift Aid Awareness Day, a campaign led by Charity Finance Group to spread awareness of the enormous impact Gift Aid has on beneficiaries and communities. Charities are encouraged to get involved and share the #TickTheBox hashtag and assets, which you can find here.

The Charity Retail Association is also sharing messaging about how Gift Aid can be explained to charity shop customers and donors to encourage as many people as possible to add Gift Aid to their donations.

We’ve created the following assets that can be used on your social media channels, as well as shared with your retail staff and volunteers to boost knowledge and confidence in explaining Gift Aid to customers and therefore boosting the number of customers Gift Aiding their donations.

You could post these assets up in your backroom, post on social media or use by the till on the shop floor. If you need them adapted for your retail chain in any way please contact Susan Meredith at

05/10/2023 11:37