Gift Aid awareness

The second ever Gift Aid Awareness Day took place on Thursday 3 October 2019. The day which is organised by the Charity Finance Group, aims to reduce the estimated £560 million in gift aid that goes unclaimed each year.

The importance of gift aid to charity retail is increasing steadily. Respondents to our last Quarterly Market Analysis survey reported that:

  • 5.3 per cent of their total retail income was from gift aid.
  • Just under a third (32.2%) of the money raised from the sale of donated goods sold was gift aided. This is an increase from 29.7 per cent in the same period in the previous year.
  • 98.7 per cent of the charity shops covered by the survey had retail Gift Aid schemes in place.

A number of respondents to the survey highlighted the importance or working hard to secure new Gift Aid sign ups as well as working with shop teams to highlight the importance of Gift Aid. The Charity Retail Association has a free training manual which can be used with shop teams and is available here.

In tandem, with working to reduce the amount of Gift Aid that goes unclaimed it is also vital to also work to reduce the amount that is claimed in error. This is why it is essential to make sure new donors are aware that they can only claim gift aid if they are UK taxpayers and only on their own goods.

The administration overheads of running Gift Aid are also reducing as the number of email addresses that retailers hold increase. The more donor notifications that can be sent by email the greater the amount saved on printing and postage.

We are looking into how we can support next year’s Gift Aid Awareness with a consumer awareness campaign that is specific to the way in which gift aid works in charity retail.

Jonathan Mail, Head of Public Affairs
Charity Retail Association