Gone For Good

Gone for Good helps transform the way the UK donates goods to charity

Each year in the UK, 1.37m tonnes of appliances and 1.5 billion tonnes of textiles are dumped needlessly in landfill. Meanwhile, there are families that are struggling to make ends meet and charities are crying out for donations of unwanted and reusable clothes, electrical items and furniture to help raise much needed revenue.

To help tackle this problem, Gone for Good was created. It’s a free app that connects charities with businesses and the general public, so that unwanted items are donated to good causes instead of being thrown away.

Two years on, the app has channelled £1,000,000 worth of items to their partnering charities. However, it hasn’t been without a few challenges along the way. Often dependent on volunteer drivers, charities are often stretched above capacity in meeting donor demand. After communication with their charity partners, Gone for Good is evolving to tackle this issue in the form of their new #CharityVan!

Piloting inside the M25 now, eight charities are partnering with Gone For Good to try it out. Users simply take up to three photos of their unwanted items and upload them to the app. Along with a few contact details, the user can choose a charity that they’d like the donation to go to. Instead of this information being passed on to the charity for them to arrange collection, this process can be bypassed and the user can book a #CharityVan directly. The app is totally free to download and use. Gone for Good aims to pick up a donation within four days of someone using the app.

If this pilot works, and we really hope it does, the Gone for Good #CharityVan could transform the charity donor experience, making it quick and easy to donate unwanted stuff to good causes. As a result, this could considerably reduce the amount of unwanted and reusable clothes, electrical items and furniture sent to landfill which, in turn, will benefit the environment.

Show your support by trying out the Gone for Good app now on Apple or Android now.