Guest Blog: Getting the best out of tech in “the new normal”

We are delighted and proud to be a headline sponsor of the Build Back Better Conference, the Charity Retail Association’s exciting online conference which has a focus on charity retail in a post-COVID world.

We will be running a workshop on Technology and the new normal, in which we will be discussing potential obstacles, solutions and opportunities on topics such as Retail Gift Aid in a socially distanced marketplace, promoting products online, and how to get more from charities’ supporters. Our Client Services Manager, Sonia Fletcher, will be leading the workshop, having previously run Retail Gift Aid training for hundreds of charity retail staff at all levels, including CEOs, administrators, shop managers and volunteers. Since the introduction of Retail Gift Aid, Eproductive has worked with over a hundred UK charities, enabling them to claim an extra £300 million in revenue from HMRC.

As part of our research for the conference, we sent out a short survey to our Retail Gift Aid clients and other charities that we have dealt with so we could hear directly from them about the realities of trading in these challenging times. The findings of this research will be shared anonymously with those who take part in our workshop, and will help form the advice we offer.

As charities know, things are nowhere near ‘business as usual’ and retailers are having to adjust to the reality of “the new normal”. At Eproductive, we are dedicated to helping our charity clients as they learn to operate in “the new normal”.

In addition to the conference itself, there is a prize draw for all delegates. The three headline sponsors – ourselves, the Charity Retail Consultancy, and Acopia – have each donated a prize worth £500. Eproductive’s prize will take the form of a full day’s Retail Gift Aid review and consultancy with Sonia.

We can’t wait to share our research and our insights at the Build Back Better conference and we hope to see you there.

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