Join World of Books Group and Shopiago for a cheeky cocktail!

31/08/2021 12:50

World of Books Group are delighted to be a headline sponsor of the Charity Retail Association conference, taking place 9-10 September 2021. We missed you last year! So we’re excited to be able to get together again and discuss all the amazing things the sector have been up to.

At World of Books Group, we’ve been supporting charities and helping them raise extra income since 2002. This sector is our passion, and over the last 18 months we’ve been amazed by the resilience of charity retailers. As shops nationwide were forced to close their doors, the silver lining has been the innovation we’ve seen, as charities from the smallest independents to the big household names have diversified to overcome the challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis. No trend has been more noticeable than the adoption of e-commerce (or re-commerce, as we like to call it!).

At the conference, we’re excited to present Shopiago – a tool that builds on World of Books’ decades of experience in re-commerce and is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the charity sector. Launched during lockdown, we’ve been helping charities grow their income across online marketplaces. The public response to charities selling online has been phenomenal, and we want to help more charities unlock the power of re-commerce.

In the last year, we saw the number of items sold by online charity shops soar by over 151% – and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. We may be over the worst of the pandemic, but there’s never been a greater time to open your doors to the world and start selling online.

Come and have a chat over at stands 12 and 15 to find out how Shopiago can make your online sales processes easy, fast and profitable. And join us from 2.30pm on Thursday 9 September for a cheeky cocktail or mocktail.