Meet the Chair – Naznin Miah

22/06/2022 14:37

Ten questions with Naznin Miah, chair of the Charity Retail Association’s Marketing special interest group.

1. How long have you worked in the charity retail sector?
I have been working in the charity retail sector for over 3 and a half years now.

2. What is your current role?
Senior Product Marketing Manager (Trading) at Cancer Research UK.

3. What is the best bit about your job?
I never get bored in my job, there are always new tasks and projects to deliver, and I see myself grow and learn each day. I also lead and manage a fantastic trade marketing team that deliver across the trading channels.

Compared to the other roles that I have worked in previously, I have more accountability in this job and I’m trusted to make the right decisions for the team. I get to plan and strategize across numerous trade marketing channels – offline and online, plus I work with multiple product teams across the organization.

I also like networking with others and learning more about their experiences, so this job suits me well!

4. And the most challenging?
We have many internal products and categories to promote in our trade marketing channels. I need make sure the marketing plan supports our cross-org strategies but at the same time, finding a good balance of promoting our marketing messages that our audience can engage with and take action.

5. Why did you want to become the chair of the Marketing special interest group?
I have been to a few Marketing CRA workshops before (in person and online) and I have found the workshop content to be amazing, you have a chance to participate in the group activities and it’s a good way to talk to other marketers within the charity retail sector.

There was an opening to join as a chair for this group and I was keen to get involved. It’s a great opportunity to work alongside the CRA team, facilitate the agenda and give a viewpoint on what other marketers may want to discuss as a group.

I also wanted to further work on my public speaking skills and to network with other charity partners.

6. And how are you finding it?
I have really enjoyed my time as a chair, and it has been a positive experience so far! The CRA team have really looked after me.

It’s great to hear the Zoom poll results after each workshop, so far it’s been ‘100% good or excellent’. I find it reassuring when the group would recommend other members to attend the workshop.

7. Can you give us one stand-out piece of insight you have gained from the interest group?
The group has spoken a lot on social media, sharing best practice across the platforms and how it can work for other charities (national store coverage to local social activities). It has been great to listen in to all that have presented around social media and one for us to consider into our own plans.

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to bake in my spare time, my last bake was a Tres Leches (Milk cake). If I feel like being super creative, I usually attempt to do some abstract water painting. 

9. What book are you reading at the moment?
I really enjoy reading thriller books. I’m currently reading ‘The Teacher’ by Katerina Diamond. On the flip side, I have been reading the Bridgerton books to see how they differ from the popular Netflix series!

10. And finally, what is your best ever charity shop buy?
I love finding children’s clothes and accessories in charity stores. I have found beautiful girls dresses that would have been sold at £20-£25 but found in a charity store at £2.50!

Thank you Naznin!

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