Meet the Chair – Vicki McGirr

15/06/2022 12:07

Ten questions with Vicki McGirr, chair of our ecommerce special interest group for more experienced online charity retailers.

1. How long have you worked in the charity retail sector?
I have been in charity retail for almost 8 years, all with the British Red Cross.

2. What is your current role?
I am the retail ecommerce and development manager.

3. What is the best bit about your job?
Seeing the amazing donations from our donors reaching their true values.

4. And the most challenging?
Creating a ‘One team’ ethos between support staff and shop teams.

5. Why did you want to become the chair of the Ecommerce group for experienced operators?
I think that sharing, supporting and working things through in a group is a spectacular way to effect change. The growth and development I have achieved is in no small part due to the CRA ecommerce group and the wonderful managers and team members it has.

6. And how are you finding it?
Its one of the most rewarding parts of my job. A super friendly group all so keen to help and learn.

7. Can you give us one stand-out piece of insight you have gained from the interest group?
There are just so many! Learning others’ promotional goals, how they price, how to organize stock and inventory. There’s always something to glean from these conversations.

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a geeky weird sports and music kind of person, so if I’m not playing video games, I’ll be out skating or paddleboarding or finding a festival to attend.

9. What book are you reading at the moment?
I am reading A life for the Stars by James Blish and Permafrost by Eva Baltasar.

10. And finally, what is your best ever charity shop buy?
A pair of amazing Prada shoes! I can barely walk in them, but I love them.

Thank you Vicki!