Most unusual and most valuable items sold 2021

10/09/2021 08:40

Most Unusual Item Sold winner
Blue Cross For Pets

A stuffed frog

Most Valuable Item Sold winner
Highland Hospice

A sixteenth century libation cup from China

The story behind it
“Our Fort William Shop Manager made contact with a family she had heard were clearing the old family home in the area. When invited to go to take what was left at the home she took a shop volunteer with her. The volunteer spotted an incomplete piece which looked interesting. She had seem something very similar on The Antiques Roadshow, and drew it to Maggie’s attention. A while later Maggie found another piece, in a different place, and they put the two together. Still unsure, they decided it was worth checking out. They checked online which made them more sure that they had something special so they contacted Lee Young, Asian specialist on The Antiques Roadshow who was immediately very interested. During a break in lockdowns he travelled from the south of England up to the north of Scotland to look at our find and confirmed that it was a sixteenth century libation cup from China, potentially worth a lot of money. 

He offered to sell it on our behalf and had hoped to take it out to Hong Kong to show it at an exhibition but, due to another lockdown, he, and our cup, were unable to fly. Our shop manager and volunteer were extremely nervous about this really small object being carried all over the world!

As an auctioneer for Dukes Auctions in Devon, Lee Young put it into one of their Asian sales at the beginning of this year where it raised an incredible £24,000. Gift Aided made this wee item worth £30,000 to Highland Hospice.

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