My Charity Shop app progress

26/05/2022 07:37

Guest blog by Eproductive

1 in 8 donors install the app
Since it went live last December, 13% of donors have installed the My Charity Shop app after receiving an automated Thank you for your donation email with a download link.  In some shops the figure is as high as 30% downloading the app after gift-aiding their donation.

Average Donor Value 50% more for app installers
What’s more, when gift aiders are split into those that downloaded the app and those that didn’t, app installers are twice as likely to donate again within the next 2-3 months. The Eproductive EPOS system can also calculate an Average Donor Value. It does this by adding up the sales of gift-aided items and assigning that value to each item’s donor. When we looked at the first 1,000 donors who installed the App, their Average Donor Value was £94.  Non-installers Average Donor Value by comparison was only £62.

Over a dozen charities now on the app
There are now over a dozen charities on the My Charity Shop app, with more joining each month. This week sees the release of version 1.05, which features an updated Green Tile calculating CO2 and landfill savings from the reuse and recycling of donated items. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.