Online sales tax consultation

12/05/2022 10:03

The UK Government is currently consulting on an online sales tax.

If introduced, this tax could see 1% or a £1 tax added per online order and the Charity Retail Association is working to ensure that charity shop online sales are exempt from this.

As you will see from our suggested response, we are not entirely averse to this – provided that charity shops sales are exempt. It could be used to fund a reduction in business rates, which would benefit us all, and the high street as a whole. 

We have written a detailed response which can be found here (log in required).

In addition to this, it would be beneficial if individual charity retailers were also able to send in a short email response. We have drafted a template email and some more information (log in required) which could help with this.

The deadline for all responses is 10am next Friday, 20 May.