Rate relief for charitable properties

Unfortunately, as councils across the UK find their budgets cut ever further, many are finding ways to pass on these cuts to charity shops. One way this is done is by rolling back on rate relief for charitable properties. This is mostly done by removing the additional 20 per cent of discretionary relief from shops.

But recently, our members have contacted us about a further issue of councils challenging the right of charity shops to receive any relief if they are run through trading subsidiaries.

To assist our members with this issue, we have produced a guidance note on our website (updated August 2018) with links to further guidance from external sites. 

Overall, we do not think that this is fair or in the spirit of the legislation. Therefore, sorting out this loophole was “ask 3” in our first ever Manifesto for Charity Shops, and we continue to campaign upon it.

Matt Kelcher
Head of Public Affairs and Research
Charity Retail Association