ReStore Lancaster

ReStore – St John’s Hospice Shops’ new concept store

St John’s Hospice Shops recently opened a new concept store in collaboration with Lancaster University.

ReStore opened 9 October to an enormous queue of students, staff and more.

As part of Lancaster University’s commitment to sustainability, environmental awareness and social responsibility, ReStore is working in partnership with St John’s Hospice and Green Lancaster, selling a mix of donated items, affordable eco-friendly products, cycling equipment and more.

The shop, at the heart of Alex Square, on campus has seen a super busy opening, with hundreds of eager customers grabbing themselves a sustainable bargain.

Emily Rawcliffe, Manager of ReStore Lancaster said:
“We are very excited to launch ReStore Lancaster and offer a sustainable alternative to conventional shopping in Lancaster. We believe that ReStore will not only help reduce waste, but also foster a culture of social responsibility among students and staff. We hope that ReStore will be more than just a shop, but a hub for learning, sharing, and making a difference.”

Sophie Lea, Head of Retail for St John’s Hospice:
“We are so pleased to finally get this project up and running and it’s been amazing to see it so busy and to have such wonderful feedback. The University is a huge part of our local community and to be able raise vital funds for the Hospice and to share what we do with students and staff is so important. Campus, is open to everybody, not just those who work and study there, so we encourage those who want to pop up and visit the shop to do so. Grab a feel good bargain!”

26/10/2023 12:56