Shopping For Good launch

Shopping For Good report launched in Westminster

The Charity Retail Association backed Demos report, entitled Shopping For Good, was officially launched in Westminster on Monday night [11 September]. The cross party think tank was commissioned by us and the Carnegie UK Trust to update their 2013 report on the charity retail sector, Giving Something Back.

The launch also premiered the first play of our Shopping For Good animation. The two minute film uses statistics from the report to highlight the social value charity shops have in communities across the UK.

Among the guests that attended last night’s launch were MPs Alex Sobel and Peter Dowd [pictured left with report author Peter Harrison-Evans and our Chairman Ben Merrett]. The report has confirmed charity shops have wide reaching social impact and plays a vital role in supporting job seekers on the patch to paid employment and helps high streets and communities thrive.

Demos’ report also found that charity shops have enormous financial benefits, saving local councils £27m by diverting clothes and other goods from landfill. The research also found a generational divide on the value of charity shops to the high street. Young people see them as cost effective with older people are more likely to view them as a sign of an unhealthy high street.

You can download the Demos report via the link below: