Spread some neighbourly joy with Eden Project’s #ThereForMe campaign

We are pleased to be supporting the Christmas campaign from Eden Project Communities. The group are asking people to thank a neighbour or someone in the community for being there, using the hashtag #ThereForMe on social media. They will then select some posts to feature in ads, to highlight the importance of stronger communities. Research commissioned by the group revealed that 88% of people surveyed (59 million people) said that strong community bonds were important in times of uncertainty.

The group are championing the importance of ‘community spirit’ and encouraging others to thank those that help them. This could be a small gesture, like watering the plants, taking in a parcel or putting out the bins, or it could mean more, such as providing support in a crisis.

Thank those that have been there for you, this Christmas, on social media using the hashtag #ThereForMe and you’ll make their day! Eden supports and encourages people all over the UK to take positive actions that strengthen local connections and build stronger communities. Find out more here: https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/thank-your-neighbour-for-being-thereforme