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Next webinar, 17 May, 10.30 – 11.30am

LOOP Digital Wardrobe: Cash in on Gen Z

LOOP Digital Wardrobe, a new sustainability and marketing ecosystem is offering all charities the chance to have their own virtual charity shop and help them engage younger potential donors. 

LOOP creates a new market category for charities to put your organisation in front of young public and acquire volunteers and supporters among the young crowd of digital ambassadors & influencers, and highly engaging community of fashionistas of the Gen Z. 

A brainchild of serial sustainability entrepreneur and impact investor Jack Ostrowski, LOOP Digital Wardrobe project is aiming to radically increase the size of the circular economy in the fashion industry and give consumers the chance to support charity at the same time.

Places are free to CRA members.

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23 March 2022: Acopia – What is sustainable innovation?

Sustainability means different things to different people but one thing we can all agree on, trying to tackle everything all at once can be overwhelming. Taking small steps and making small changes with what is within your gift can have a big and lasting impact.

In recent a Acopia Sustainability Benchmarking Report, more than 60% of those who took part did not have a sustainability strategy in place so we looked at how we could help make these ‘little wins’ easier.

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19 January 2022: The Charity Shop Gift Card – your questions answered
We heard from the Gift Card team about progress so far, updates from geographical areas where the card is in operation and how the card is helping those in need.

We know there is a huge amount of interest and will in the sector to establish this card as a firm fixture in the gift card choices that the public make. Attendees put their questions to the team about anything they were unclear on. How the card operates, what retail operations or your epos providers needs to do, selling the card, financial implications etc.

Great to inform board members or your SLT. This webinar is also suitable for people who have attended previous Gift Card webinars – as some aspects have developed since.

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28 October 2021: TeamKinetic – Volunteer retention
In this session, Chris Martin (Director of TeamKinetic) goes through the key tools that help charities manage their volunteers through: Recruitment and Onboarding, Communication, Reward and Recognition, Data and Analytics, Data Sharing and Collaboration. He touches on the importance of digital solutions in modern volunteer management, with focus on how it can aid long-term volunteer retention. He will also discuss how the TeamKinetic system continually develops based on user feedback and the latest trends in the third sector.

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30 September 2021: Thriftify 2.0 – The new app making online retail easy and scalable
Since launching, Thriftify’s technology has valued over four million donations, supporting dozens of charity retailers to sell online. Now, the technology is advancing based on the learnings and data the social enterprise has gathered. In this interactive session the team at Thriftify gave a demonstration of their innovative new app and discussed how it solves the challenges of pricing and slow product listing times.

24 August 2021: Mentoring for charity retailers
Chaired by the CRA’s Chief Executive and experienced mentor Robin Osterley, this panel session provided valuable insights into mentoring from the mentor, mentee and expert perspectives. The Charity Retail Association’s mentoring platform manages the process for you, guiding and encouraging along the way, acknowledging that there are many different mentoring styles. You may want form and structure, or you may just want a regular chat on the phone. Mentoring is for everyone and the benefits can be huge.

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8 July 2021: Automated multichannel online retailing
Delivered by Charity Retail Training & Support Services. More than 90% of UK charities, with a retail operation, are now selling on eBay. Less than 5% have fully automated distribution! Learn how ‘MIND’ have embraced integration by using ground-breaking new technology for our sector to sell and ship across the UK whilst saving time, saving costs and leading the way in charity retail online distribution. Find out more about Charity Retail Training & Support Services.

16 June 2021: The 20 best marketplaces to sell your items online
Zipsale will provide details of the top 20 online marketplaces, considering key measures like traffic to the site, audience, items that sell best, from second-hand furniture to electronics, art, books, clothes and accessories. Learn how to make the most of each marketplace. You should come away with a better understanding and top tips for the most established online selling options out there, helping you to raise the most money for your charity. Learn more about Zipsale here.

5 May 2021: Upskill your team with Charity Retail Learning
The Charity Retail Academy is proud to partner with the Charity Retail Association to bring a brand new learning and development offer to our sector.  As charity retailers ourselves, we understand the challenges and needs of you and your team, so we have developed a one stop shop of online courses designed specifically for charity retailers at all levels.  This means you get real insight, great value and the best learning experience possible. You can find out more about Charity Retail Learning here.

1 April 2021: Shopiago
A full overview of how The Air Ambulance Service are using Shopiago to earn more by making it easier, faster and simpler to be efficient and effective at selling online. You can find out more about Shopiago here.

Diversity and inclusion

We encourage attendance from members from ethnic minority communities as these groups are underrepresented in our sector and we are working to include their viewpoints in all our events.

We welcome all voices, whether spoken, questions issued prior to meetings, or during meetings electronically.