Updated Retail Gift Aid training guide now available to members

The latest version of the Retail Gift Aid training guide, produced in association with BDO, is now available for our members to download. The guidance has been fully updated to incorporate our recent successful sector lobbying, notably the recent changes to how charities inform donors on how much their donated goods have raised.

The guide, now in its third edition, is the most comprehensive on Retail Gift Aid, giving charity retailers clarification on the scheme. It allows charity shops to claim Gift Aid on the proceeds of sales made on behalf of donors who are taxpayers in the United Kingdom. The scheme raises tens of millions of pounds for good causes every year.

Changes to how charities inform donors how much their donated goods have raised is the major addition to the latest edition. Previously, charities were mandated to write to donors of Gift Aided second-hand goods every year to tell them of the proceeds resulting from their donation, no matter how small. Please note: this applies only to those charities using Retail Gift Aid methods A and B. Other updated guidance topics include furniture sale and textile recycling.

After our extensive lobbying – in partnership with the Charity Tax Group – the Chancellor accepted that such letters need only be written every three years, provided that the proceeds are less than £20 per year.

Our Chief Executive, Robin Osterley, said: “This guide should be part of every charity retailer’s armoury. We worked hard to campaign for a Retail Gift Aid de minimis limit and were delighted the Government listened to our call.

“The updated guidance explains clearly how our members can use this source of fundraising to their advantage.”

Our members can download the guide for free with non-members able to purchase a copy for £495 (non-charities £995), by emailing mail@charityretail.org.uk. However, our 2019/1920 membership fees start from £233.