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Charity Retail Conference 2021

Focus sessions: CRA members: £45 + VAT each ; Non members: £80 + VAT each

Session description:

Insights into the shopper mindset and their priorities, based on Savvy’s latest research findings. Looking at the trends set to shape the retail market over the next couple of years. Implications and opportunities for charity shops
Session outcomes:
• Insight into the shopper’s mindset
• An overview of the big issues shaping the retail landscape
• The big trends to watch out for
• The implications and opportunities for the charity shop sector

Session description:

How have consumer attitudes and behaviours changed as a result of the pandemic and how is this likely to impact charity retailers? Find out what steps charity retailers should take to address these changes, and hear from Crisis in how they’re adapting to meet this changing world.
Session outcomes:
• Key changes in consumer attitudes & behaviours
• Key steps charity retailers should take to address the changes
• Practical examples from one of the UK’s leading charities

Session description:

In this informative and engaging workshop, The Air Ambulance and Oxfam talk about their different superstore concepts and share their journeys to opening their first. You’ll learn about the opportunities this large format offers and how to approach project planning and opening. They will also be reflecting on the challenges and pitfalls and sharing what they’ve learnt along the way – so a useful workshop for those thinking about adding a superstore to their shop portfolio.

Session outcomes:
• Awareness of the opportunities superstore’s present vs a standard shop format
• What to consider in project planning
• Challenges and pitfalls – key things to be aware of before you embark on your superstore journey

Plenaries: Free of charge – CRA members only

Session description:

Panel Session – Drawing the positives from 3 unprecedented lockdowns
Hear insightful input from:
• Dan Corns, Commercial Director, St Richard’s Hospice
• David Longmore, Deputy Director Retail and Trading, Barnardo’s
• Vicky McGirr, eBay Department Manager, British Red Cross
• Jo Mewett, Head of Retail Operations, Cancer Research UK

Themed online conferences

Price per package: CRA members: £45 + VAT ; Non members: £80 + VAT

Took place: 9 – 11 March 2021

Webinars include:

Making Ecommerce work for you: using technology to help you remove friction, reduce admin and maximise potential
Eve Penrice, Wil-U Product Owner and Chelsea Elderkin, Head of Marketing and Research, Wil-U

How to safely operate a click and collect service using volunteers during lockdown
Jenny McAvoy, Retail Coordinator, Wigan and Leigh Hospice

What makes online work for charities?
Andrew Ostcliffe, Online Operations Manager, British Heart Foundation

reGAIN app: incentivised charity donations as a new way to engage both fashion consumers and retailers in the innovative digital charity donation process
Jack Ostrowski, Founder & CEO, reGAIN App

eBay for Charity: taking it to the next level
James Carty, Trainer, eBay for Charity

The appeal of different ecommerce platforms: panel session
Gemma Cruttenden, Ecommerce & Communications Manager, Demelza Hospice Care for Children; Gary McMillan-Dale, Retail Manager, LOROS; Veronica Herranz, Ecommerce Manager, Royal Trinity Hospice

Building/upscaling your online shop
Hollie Arnold, Ecommerce Operations Manager, The Air Ambulance Service

Tapping into Depop
Kevin Hogarth, Retail Operations Manager, The Prince of Wales Hospice

How 85% of Ireland’s charity retailers succeeded online
Rónán Ó Dálaigh, CEO and Emily Beere, Chief Sales Officer, Thriftify

For more detail – view the full programme here

Took place: 25 – 27 May 2021

Webinars include:

How can knowledge and experience be shared to implement practical measures to reduce your organisations environmental impact and adapt to climate change?
Fergus Rolfe, Fit for the Future Manager, Fit for the Future

The importance of being purpose-driven
Amy Greenacre, Head of Impact and Sustainability and Melissa Cave, Partnership Development Manager, World of Books Group

The Psychology of Sustainability
Kate Nightingale, Consumer Psychologist, Founder, Lecturer

Going green
David Roman, Sustainability Manager and Kerry Dawson, Sustainability
Coordinator, British Heart Foundation

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the Right to Repair for WEEE
Craig Anderson, Chief Executive, Reuse Network

Sustainable shopping: cultivating the conscious consumer
Elaine Scott, Business Development Manager, Cybertill

A circular economy within charity retail
Emily Cronin, Head of Trading, St Peter and St James Hospice Shops

Textiles 2030 briefing: the UK sustainable textiles action plan
Dr David Moon, Head of Business Collaboration, WRAP

Retail’s ‘plastic straw’ moment: it’s time to rethink paper receipts
Samantha Lind, Campaigner at Beat the Receipt

Achieving net-zero: quantifying and communicating sustainability benefits to donors to drive brand engagement and income
Taskeen Ahmed, Group COO, Precycle Group

For more detail – view the full programme here

The Innovation Series

Price per webinar: Free of charge to CRA members

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